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Lever Wire Connectors

Lever Wire Connectors

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Lever Wire Connectors

Model: GP-21 Series
Material: Copper
Insulation: PA
Rated Current:250V
Rated Voltage:32A

    DESCRIPTION - Lever Wire Connector

    Product Description
    Lever wire connector can connect multiple sets of wires, freeing up a good amount of space and time. Gaopeng 2/3/4/5/8 conductor lever wire connector, which is compact, super easy, reliable and reusable.
    Made of high-quality flame-retardant nylon PA material and premium quality copper with strong conductivity, rust resistance and corrosion resistance for better conductivity. These connectors are built to last and offer a secure and reliable connection for all your electrical needs. It can reduce potential safety hazards.

    Product Features
    Rated 250V, 32A. This electrical connectors kit are compatible with a wide range of wire gauges from 24~12AWG, so you can use this wiring connectors kit for a variety of applications, from home electrical projects to automotive repairs.

    The wire connector lever allows it quick and secure to connect and disconnect wires, without the need for any special electrical tools or complicated procedures. No more twisting, tapping, or wire nut is needed.  Just lift up the lever, insert the stripped wire, and press the lever, holds tight and makes a solid connection.These are a good purchase for those of people that are doing electrical projects or work where you need to connect lots of wires.

    Our connectors allow 2~5 wires connected on the same side depending on your specific needs. The space-saving size of these electrical wire connectors allows for easy installation in tight spaces.
    Compact size is invaluable for all connection space requirements, offering you a clean and beautiful wire organization.

    Technical Parameters

    21 Series regular type-Nylon material
    Wire Range Solid wire:0.2-4mm²        Voltage:250V Strand      wire:0.2-2.5mm2      Current32A
    Product lever1mex lever2pbc lever3bxe lever42zb lever5r2l
    GP-212 Gp-213 GP-214 GP-219 5P-216
    Size (L×W×H) 12.5×21×14.4mm 17.1×21×14.4m 21.7×21×14.4mm 26.3×21×14.4mm 40.4×21×14.4mm