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Non Insulated Butt Connectors

Non-insulated Butt Connector

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Non Insulated Butt Connectors

Model: BN
Material: Copper

    DESCRIPTION - Non Insulated Butt Connectors

    Gaopeng BN model connectors is an uninsulated butt connector used for electrical wire butt splicing.
    Our connector made of high-quality copper with tin plating. Copper itself has excellent conductivity, and the tin plating treatment further enhances its oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring stable and long-lasting operation in various environments.Our wire crimp butt connectors are works good when building custom wire harnesses or making repairs to existing wiring. 

    The usage method of the butt splice connector is extremely convenient. All that is needed is to simply use a crimping pliers for crimping. This straightforward operation makes the connection process quick and effortless, greatly enhancing work efficiency and providing a hassle-free experience.

    It is worth mentioning there is a wire stop barrier in the middle. This seemingly simple design actually holds great significance. It can accurately guide and position the wires at both ends, enabling the wires to be accurately connected to the correct positions. Whether in a complex electrical wiring system or in occasions with high requirements for connection accuracy, this design can play a key role and effectively avoid electrical failures caused by incorrect connections.

    This Non-insulated butt connector Terminals, with its reliable performance and elaborate design, is widely used in many fields and provides a solid guarantee for the safe and stable operation of electrical systems. Whether it is the wiring connection of industrial equipment or the assembly of various electrical devices, it can show excellent applicability and reliability, becoming an indispensable important part in electrical connections.

    Moreover, our connector has a wide range of wire diameters, showing strong adaptability. For wires below 6mm² that require insulation, we can provide you with PVC middle tubes or nylon middle tubes. If there is a waterproof requirement, we can also offer heat shrink middle tubes. No matter what special needs your application scenarios have, we can provide the most suitable and high-quality solutions through the diversified choices of middle tubes. It is not only a connecting tool but also a strong support for the efficient operation of electrical systems, adding luster to various electrical application scenarios with its unique advantages.

    Technical Parameters

    A.W.G mm² L D d1
    BN0.5 26-22 0.2-0.5 12.0 2.1 1.3 10A BN(1)kyk
    BN1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 15.0 3.3 1.7 19A
    BN2 16-14 1.5-2.5 15.0 3.9 2.3 27A
    BN3.5 14-12 2.5-4 15.0 5.0 3.0 37A
    BN5.5 12-10 4-6 15.0 5.4 3.4 48A
    BN8 8 8 21.0 7.0 4.6 62A
    BN14 6 14 26.0 8.9 5.9 88A
    BN22 4 22 29.0 11.3 7.8 115A
    BN38 2 38 32.0 13.2 9.5 160A
    BN60 1/0 60 36.0 15.3 11.4 215A
    BN70 2/0 70 37.0 17.5 13.3 235A
    BN80 3/0 80 38.0 19.5 14.5 255A
    BN100 4/0 100 38.0 22.1 16.4 300A
    BN150 250/300 150 54.0 26.4 19.5 395A
    BN180 300350 180 57.0 28.5 21.0 440A
    BN200 400/500 200 63.0 32.4 24.0 470A
    BN325 500/600 325 72.0 37.0 28.0 650A