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Heat Shrink Terminal crimping pliers

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Heat Shrink Terminal crimping pliers

Color:  Blue
Style: For Heat Shrink Connectors,ratcheting mechanism comfortable handles
Connector range:22-10AWG / 0.5-6.0 mm²

    DESCRIPTION - Heat Shrink Terminal crimping pliers

    In the electrical world, there is a seemingly inconspicuous but extremely important tool, that is the terminal crimping pliers. When we are faced with wires that need to be connected, it begins to play a key role.
    The GP-30J has an efficient ratcheting mechanism and professional grade crimping die for Crimps every time. This crimping tool works best with heat shrink connectors. 

    The use of terminal crimping pliers can usually be divided into the following steps:
    Step 1: Careful selection. Make sure your heat Shrink terminals in this wire range AWG 22-10 wires, and a GP-30J professional crimping tool.
    Step 2: Prepare the wire. Carefully strip the insulation on the wire to be crimped to expose the metal part, and clean up any impurities that may exist.
    Step 3: Accurate insertion. Accurately insert the stripped terminal into the corresponding jack of the crimping pliers to ensure that it is inserted in place and firmly.
    Step 4: Precise positioning. Carefully adjust the crimping position of the crimping pliers to perfectly match the connection between the terminal and the wire.
    Step 5: Moderate pressure. Hold the crimping pliers handle tightly, apply pressure evenly and moderately, and let the terminal and the wire press tightly to achieve a firm connection.
    Step 6: Careful inspection. After completing the crimping, carefully check the crimping quality to see whether the terminal and the wire are tightly and reliably combined, and whether the crimping part is flat and flawless.
    GP30J has color coded crimping jaws.It comes three colors marked. Red, Yellow and Blue, which are coresponding with the connectors. Red crimping jaws for the Red connectors, Bule jaws for the blue connector and Yellow jaws for the yellow connectors. 
    The crimper tool is suitable for AWG 22-10 wires, and the crimping area range is 0.5-6mm². 
    RED jaw for (0.5-1.5mm² /AWG 22-16), BLUE jaw for (1.5-2.5mm² /AWG 16-14), YELLOW jaw for (4-6mm² /AWG 12-10). 
    This crimping plier tool are widely used in various household electrical circuit maintenance, workshops, auto repair electricians, machinery or automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The jaws are Manufactured by special process, so makes the crimping more perfect, firm.