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Instructions for Operating Solder Seal Wire Connectors

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Instructions for Operating Solder Seal Wire Connectors


Heat shrink solder seal connector is a convenient and practical type of wire connector that combines the advantages of heat shrink tubing and soldering to provide reliable electrical connection and excellent waterproof performance during the connection process. Here are the basic steps for using them:

Preparation: Make sure the work area is well ventilated and have the necessary tools and materials ready, including heat shrink solder ring terminals, a heat gun, and wire strippers.

1. Prepare the wire: Use wire strippers to remove the outer insulation about 9-10mm. Make sure the wire ends are clean and smooth to ensure good welding results.

2. Insert to the solder sleeve: Insert the stripped wire into the hole of the heat shrink soldering ring terminal, ensure that the wire is in full contact with the solder.

3. Heating shrinkage: Use a heat gun to heat the soldering ring terminal (usually to about 400 ℃) until the solder is completely melted and flows to the surface of the wire. At the same time, the heat shrink tubing gradually shrinks to form a tight seal around the solder ring terminal and surrounding wires, providing excellent waterproof performance.

4. Cooling and solidification: After welding is completed, let the welding area naturally cool to room temperature, wire are firmly connected the solder connector without looseness.

Safety precautions: When using solder seal wire connector, be sure to follow safety measures and avoid contact with hot surfaces and molten solder to prevent burns or other injuries. Stay away from children!!!

At Gaopeng Electric, we use environmentally friendly solder and offer it in a variety of specifications. If you have any questions, welcome inquiries.