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Nylon Fully Insulated Female Connector

Nylon Insulated Female Connector

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Nylon Fully Insulated Female Connector

Brand: Gaopeng
Model: FDFN
Material: Brass
Insulation: Nylon

    DESCRIPTION - Quick Connect to male Spade terminal

    Nylon female wire terminals are essential components in the field of electrical connections. These terminals are crafted with precision and attention to detail.
    The use of nylon in their construction offers several advantages. It provides excellent insulation properties, reducing the risk of electrical shorts and ensuring safe and reliable power transfer. The material is also durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use and various environmental conditions.

    The design of nylon female terminals is engineered to facilitate seamless mating with male terminals. They feature a secure and snug fit, preventing loose connections and minimizing the potential for electrical malfunctions. The terminals are often color-coded for easy identification and proper wiring. And it should be noted that the conductor part of these terminals is made of brass metal material, which has excellent insertion and extraction force and conductive performance.

    These terminals find extensive applications in a wide range of industries and settings. In electrical installations, they play a crucial role in distributing power and establishing connections. They are commonly used in household wiring, industrial control panels, and automotive electrical systems.
    In addition to their functional benefits, nylon female terminals are relatively easy to install and maintain. Their simple yet effective design allows for quick and hassle-free wiring operations.

    Furthermore, they offer flexibility in terms of the wire sizes they can accommodate, making them suitable for a variety of applications. This adaptability ensures that they can be used in diverse electrical setups.

    In conclusion, nylon female wiring terminals are reliable and indispensable elements in the world of electrical engineering. Their insulation, durability, and ease of use, along with the excellent properties of the brass conductor, make them a preferred choice for many electrical connection needs.

    Gaopeng terminal factory also support customized products for you. Welcome to consult with us.

    Technical Parameters

    B L E D d1 T
    FDFN1.25-110(5) 0.5×2.8 4.3 18.8 11.0 4.0 1.7 0.3 Red DRAWING-FDFNce5
    FDFN1.25-110(8) 0.8×2.8
    FDFN1.25-187(5) 0.5×4.75 5.8 20.5 0.35
    FDFN1.25-187(8) 0.8×4.75
    FDFN1.25-250 0.8×6.35 8.4 22.6 0.4
    FDFN2-187(5) 0.5×4.75 6.2 20.7 11.0 4.0 2.3 0.35 Blue
    FDFN2-187(8 0.8×4.75
    FDFN2-250 08×6.35 8.4 22.6 11.0 4.5 2.3 0.4
    FDFN5.5-250 0.8×6.35 8.6 24.0 13.0 6.3 3.4 0.4 Yellow