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Nylon Insulated Flag Connector

Nylon Insulated Flag Connector

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Nylon Insulated Flag Connector

Brand: Gaopeng
Model: FLDNY
Material: Brass
Insulation: Nylon

    DESCRIPTION - Elbow type for changing wire direction

    Flag terminal connectors play a crucial role in the field of electrical engineering. These terminals are known for their distinct and recognizable shape, resembling a flag.
    The unique shape allows them to change the direction of the wires with ease, making them ideal for areas where bending or redirecting the wires is necessary. This flexibility is highly valuable in various applications, especially in those where the wiring needs to navigate around obstacles or fit into confined spaces. They are commonly found in situations where wires need to be routed in a specific pattern or where there is a need for a smooth transition in the wire's direction 
    Flag terminals are widely used in various industries. In the electronics sector, they are employed in the assembly of circuits and devices. In automotive applications, they contribute to the wiring systems of vehicles. They are also found in industrial machinery and electrical equipment.
    Moreover, their compatibility with different wire gauges makes them versatile. This allows for flexibility in design and usage, enabling engineers to choose the most appropriate wire size for a specific application.
    Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to flag terminals. High-quality terminals are durable and can withstand harsh environments and mechanical stresses. They ensure long-term reliability and performance.
    In conclusion, flag terminal connectors are an essential element in electrical systems. Their unique design, functionality, and wide range of applications make them an invaluable part of modern electrical engineering. Whether in complex industrial setups or simple electrical circuits, flag terminals continue to play a significant role in ensuring efficient and safe electrical connections.

    Gaopeng nylon flag terminals are really great! They have amazing flame retardant ability, which means they can prevent fires really well. And the brass parts are good at conducting electricity. So, our terminals are not only safe but also work really well in conducting electricity. They are just the best choice for all kinds of electrical uses!

    Technical Parameters

    ITEM   NO Nema Tab DIMENSION    mm Color DRAWING
    B L E F d1 T
      FLDNY1.25-187(5) 0.5×4.75 6.8 15.5 13.7 10.0 1.7 0.35 Red DRAWING-FLDNYu8b
      FLDNY1.25-187(8) 08×4.75
      FLDNY1.25-250 0.8×6.35 8.0 16.6 14.7 11.0 0.4
      FLDNY2-187(5) 0.5×4.75 6.7 15.3 13.1 10.0 2.5 0.35 Blue
      FLDNY2-187(8) 0.8×4.75
      FLDNY2-250 0.8×6.35 8.0 16.6 15.3 11.0 3.6 0.4
      FLDNY5.5-250 0.8×6.35 8.5 17.8 23.0 10.4 3.6 0.4 Yellow