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Nylon Fully Insulated Male Spade Connector

Nylon Insulated Male Spade Connector

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Nylon Fully Insulated Male Spade Connector

Brand: Gaopeng
Model: MDFN
Material: Brass
Insulation: Nylon

    DESCRIPTION - Quick connect to female connector

    The nylon spade terminal, as a typical representative of the male terminal, shows many remarkable characteristics and advantages in the electrical field.
    It has a definite male-end structure, which enables it to perfectly match and connect with specific female terminals. This precise fit ensures the smooth transmission of current and signals in the connection, laying a solid foundation for the normal operation of various electrical systems.
    It is worth mentioning that the nylon insert terminal realizes the convenient function of quick connection and disconnection. In practical operations, whether it is installation or maintenance, it can quickly complete the combination or separation with the female terminal, greatly improving work efficiency. This ability to respond quickly is particularly important in scenarios where frequent replacement or adjustment of connections is required.
    The material characteristics also endow it with excellent performance. The use of nylon not only guarantees a certain strength and durability, but also provides good insulation effect, effectively avoiding safety hazards such as electric leakage.
    In many application scenarios, such as in the manufacturing of electronic equipment, industrial automation systems, and daily electrical appliances, the nylon insert terminal plays a key role. It can easily connect with the corresponding female terminal to form a stable and reliable electrical path, and then can be quickly disconnected when needed, showing a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.
    Whether in complex circuit layouts or in occasions with strict requirements for connection speed and reliability, the nylon insert terminal, with its unique advantages, has become a trusted choice for electrical engineers and technicians. It seems small and simple, but plays an indispensable important role in the world of electrical connections, contributing to the efficient operation and convenient maintenance of various electrical systems.

    Gaopeng factory specializes in R&D and production of terminals and supports customized model.

    Technical Parameters

    B L E D d1 T
    MDFN1.25-250 0.8×6.35 6.35 24.0 11.0 4.0 1.7 0.4 Red DRAWING -MDFNa3g
    MDFN2-250 0.8×6.35 6.35 24.0 11.0 4.5 2.3 0.4 Blue
    MDFN5.5-250 0.8×6.35 6.35 25.0 13.0 6.3 3.4 0.4 Yellow