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Nylon Fully Insulated Male Bullet Connector

Nylon Insulated Male Bullet Connector

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Nylon Fully Insulated Male Bullet Connector

Brand: Gaopeng
Model: MPFNY
Material: Brass
Insulation: Nylon

    DESCRIPTION - Quick connect to female connector

    Nylon male bullet terminals are integral components in the realm of electrical connectivity. These terminals have a unique bullet-like shape that ensures a secure and stable connection.

    The nylon portion provides excellent insulation, safeguarding against electrical leaks and enhancing safety. It is highly durable and can withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability. The material's flexibility also allows for easy handling and installation.

    The brass insert is a crucial element, known for its superior conductivity. It enables efficient power transfer with minimal resistance, ensuring optimal electrical performance. The brass offers good mechanical strength, allowing for secure and stable connections. It also has excellent corrosion resistance, maintaining its integrity even in challenging environments.

    The design of these terminals is carefully engineered to ensure a snug and precise fit with corresponding female terminals. This tight connection minimizes the risk of loose contacts and electrical malfunctions, providing a consistent and dependable power supply. The terminals are often color-coded for quick and accurate identification during wiring.

    In a wide range of industries, from automotive and electronics to industrial applications, Nylon male terminals play a vital role. They are used in various electrical systems, such as vehicle wiring harnesses, control panels, and power distribution networks. Their adaptability to different wire sizes and types makes them suitable for diverse setups.

    Installation and maintenance of these terminals are relatively straightforward. Their user-friendly design allows for efficient wiring operations, saving time and effort. Moreover, their durability means they require less frequent replacements, reducing overall maintenance costs.

    In conclusion, Nylon male terminals are essential elements that combine the benefits of nylon's insulation and durability with the conductivity and strength of brass. Their reliable performance, ease of use, and adaptability make them a preferred choice in many electrical connection scenarios, ensuring the smooth operation of electrical systems in various fields. Whether in complex industrial setups or everyday electrical installations, these terminals are trusted components that contribute to the safety and efficiency of electrical connectivity.

    Technical Parameters

    B F L E D d1 T
    MRFNY0.5-078D 5.2 15.8 27 11.2 3.8 1.7 0.4 White DRAWING-MPFNYpgq
    MRFNY1.25-156 7.6 14.7 25.5 11.0 4.0 1.7 0.4 Red
    MRFNY2-156 7.6 14.7 25.5 11.0 4.5 2.3 0.4 Blue
    MRFNY5.5-195 8.5 14.7 27.5 13.0 6.3 3.4 0.4 Yellow