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Heat Shrink Female Connector

Heat Shrink Female Connector

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Heat Shrink Female Connector

Model: HFDFD
Material: Brass
Insulation:PE heat shrink tube
Shrinkage Ratio: 3:1
Feature: Waterproof

    DESCRIPTION - Heat Shrink Female Connector

    Product Description
    Heat shrink spade male disconnect has 0.4mm thicker copper construction provides greater conductivity and durability. 
    Male/female spade connectors can be easily mated and pulled apart.Suitable for frequent connections. A strong crimp not easily prone to cracking or breaking. Tin coating on the copper helps protect the metal from oxidation.
    Good quality metal brass joints are impact resistant and will not bend and loosen over time.Work on cars,boats,motorcycles,RC cars or anything that requires an excellent waterproof connection.

    Product Features
    Easy Identification-Different colored sleeves are easy to identify.
    Durable Copper Core-Prevents the wire from slipping and failing keeps the connection sealed for the life of the wire.
    Translucent Tube- It’s easy to check  inner situation of the connection.
    Waterproof- Seamless Water Resistance
    Oxidation Resistance--Tin coating on the copper helps protect the metal from oxidation.

    Operation Display
    Step1: Prepare the terminal and stripped wires, insert the wires into the terminals respectively.
    Step2:  Crimp the right place with professional crimping tool.
    Step3:   Apply heat with a heat gun by rotating a terminal until heat shrink tube will shrink and cover the wire.
    Step4:  The connection is done.

     Company Introduction
    Yueqing Gaopeng Electric Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2016, located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province. We engage in design,development and production of various electrical terminals and wiring accessories. 
    We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality. We have modern automatic machines from production,testing to packing, like Punching machine, injection molding machine,extruder,pulling force tester and automatic assembling machine and so on.
    Our products comply with the technical standards and quality requirements of advanced industrial countries. The company are in accordance with  I S O 9 0 0 1 international quality certification, CE certification , RoHS standards and SGS certification. 
    Our dedication to quality and integrity is unwavering, and we are always striving to provide more superior products to all customers.

    Technical Parameters

    ITEM   NO Nema Tab DIMENSION    mm Color DRAWING
    B L E D T
    HFDFD1.25-110(5) 0.5×2.8 3.3 26.0  19.0 1.7 0.3 Red DRAWING HFDFDrbr
    HFDFD1.25-110(8) 0.8×2.8
    HFDFD1.25-187(5) 0.5×4.75 5.0 0.35
    HFDFD1.25-187(8) 0.8×4.75
    HFDFD1.25-205 0.5×5.2 6.5
    HFDFD1.25-250 0.8×6.35 6.6 28.0 0.4
    HFDFD2-110(5) 0.5×2.8 3.3 26.0   19.0 2.3 0.3 Blue
    HFDFD2-110(8) 0.8×2.8
    HFDFD2187(5) 0.5×4.75 5.0 0.35
    HFDFD2-187(8) 0.8×4.75
    HFDFD2-205 0.5×5.2 6.5
    HFDFD2-250 0.8×6.35 6.6 28.0 0.4
    HFDFD5.5-250 0.8×6.35 6.6 28.0   22.0 3.4 0.4 Yellow