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Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connector

Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connector

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Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connector

Model: SST
Material: Low temperature solder ring
Insulation: PE heat shrink tube,Hot melt adhesive
Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1

    DESCRIPTION - Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connector

    The solder ring is applied for soldering, usually composed of solder ring and PE material. The main material of the solder ring is solder, which is usually composed of an alloy of tin and lead. It has a low melting point, good fluidity and electrical conductivity. 

    Main Functions
    1.Promote welding: The solder ring can provide molten solder during the welding process, helping the welding surface to form a uniform welding joint, thus promoting the welding process.
    2.Anti-oxidation: The active agent in the solder ring can effectively prevent oxidation during the welding process and keep the welding surface clean and good wettability.
    3.Improve welding quality: By using appropriate solder rings, the quality and reliability of welding can be improved and the occurrence of welding defects can be reduced.
    Operating Instructions
    First, insert the stripped wires into the solder ring. Then, heat the connector by using a heat gun, causing the solder to melt. Finally the insulation shrinks and forms a tight seal around the wires.

    Heat shrink solder rings applications in various industries, including automotive, marine, aerospace, and telecommunications. They are commonly used in applications where a reliable and environmentally sealed connection is required, such as in wiring harnesses, electrical repairs, and installations in harsh or outdoor environments. The ability of heat shrink solder rings to provide a strong, waterproof, and insulated connection makes them a preferred choice in situations where traditional soldering methods may be impractical or insufficient.
    In summary, heat shrink solder rings offer the advantages of providing a soldered connection, insulation, and environmental protection in a single component. Their applications span across industries where reliable and sealed electrical connections are essential. With their ease of use and ability to create durable and waterproof connections, heat shrink solder rings continue to be a valuable solution for a wide range of wiring and electrical installation needs.

    Technical Parameters

    ITEM  NO Product Lead Section Standard color DRAWING
    A1(min.) A2(min.) L(min.) A.WG(mm)
    SST-11 1.8 2.5 26 26-24(0.25-0.34) White DRAWING sstguv
    SST-21 2.7 3.8 40 22-18(0.5-1.0) Red
    SST-31 4.6 5.7 40 16-14(1.5-2.5) Blue
    SST-41 5.7 7.2 40 12-10(4.0-6.0) Yellow
    SST-51 3.9 4.8 40 18-16(0.75-15) Green
    SST-61 5.4 6.5 40 14-12(1.5-2.5) Purple
    SST-71 6.6 8.5 42 8(8,0) Orange