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Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

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Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

Model: HRV
Material: Copper
Insulation:PE heat shrink tube
Shrinkage Ratio: 3:1
Feature: Waterproof

    DESCRIPTION - Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

    Product Details
    The ring terminal is made of high-quality pure copper. The copper barrel ensures maximum current flow and minimum voltage drip. That can prevent short circuit.The heat-activated adhesive prevent wire corrosion and waterproofing.The thick heat shrinkable tube ensures that your wires can be tightly connected and provide insulation function. The shrinkage ratio 3:1 and operating temperature: -55 Degree -125 Degree.It can be reduced to 1/3 of the original size, and the wires can be tightly combined.
    Heat shrink ring terminal has a wide wire gauge for your selection: 
    Red (AWG22-16)/ Blue(AWG16-14) /Yellow(AWG12-10).

    Product Features
    They are suitable for a wide range of electrical projects of motorcycle, off-road vehicles, lawn tractors,RVs,fish finder and marine application, providing a secure and stable connection.
    Good insulation and conductivity,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion, and it plays a good role in protecting the circuit and can be used for a long time. 
    The heat shrink wire connectors provide a secure and reliable connection, offering peace of mind when working on electrical wiring projects. The insulated design ensures safety and prevents electrical mishaps.

    Operating Instructions
    Step1: Strip the wire insulation about 9-10mm and insert the wire into the ring terminal.
    Step2: Crimp the right place with professional crimping tool
    Step3: Apply heat with a heat gun by rotating a terminal until heat shrink tube will shrink and cover the wire.
    Step4:Cool down and the connection is done.

    Best Service
    Warranty: Gaopeng guarantee the quality of our products and 3-year of warranty period.
    Packaging: 500 pieces per bag, It’s easy to stock for electrical projects.

    We are willing to offer customized service according to your requirements, including color,packing or logo.
    (Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our team and we will do our best to help you

    Technical Parameters

    American Metric d2 B F L E D T
    HRV1.25-3 #4 3.2 5.7 5.0 24.0 16.5 6.0 0.7 Red DRAWING HRVauw
    HRV1.25-3.5S #6 3.7
    HRV1.25-3.5M #6 3.7 6.6 6.3 26.0
    HRV1.25-3.5L #6 3.7 8.0 7.0 28.5 17.5
    HRV1.25-4S #8 4.3 6.6 6.3 27.0
    HRV1.25-4L #8 4.3 8.0 7.0 28.5
    HRV1.25-5S #10 5.3
    HRV1.25-5L #10 5.3 9.5 7.5 30.0
    HRV1.25-5LL #10 5.3 11.6 11.3 34.0
    HRV1.25-6S 1/4 6.5 9.5 7.5 30.0
    HRV1.25-6L 1/4 6.5 11.6 11.3 34.0
    HRV1.25-8 5/16 8.5
    HRV1.25-8L 5/16 8.5 13.7 13.9 38.0
    HRV1.25-10 3/8 10.5
    HRV1.25-10L 3/8 10.5 18.0 15.0 41.0
    HRV1.25-12 1/2 13.0
    HRV1.25-14 9/16 15.0 27.0 21.0 51.0
    HRV1.25-16 5/8 17.0
    HRV1.25-18 11/16 19.0
    HRV1.25-20 3/4 21.0