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Nylon Insulated Butt Connector

Nylon Insulated Butt Connector

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Nylon Insulated Butt Connector

Brand: Gaopeng
Model: BNYF
Material: Copper
Insulation: Nylon

    DESCRIPTION - A Reliable Component for Wire Butt Joint

    In the realm of electrical connections, the NyLon Butt Connector plays a crucial role, especially in the application of wire butt joint.
    The NyLon Butt Connector has distinct advantages. It is made of high-quality NyLon material, possessing excellent insulation properties that can effectively prevent electric leakage and short circuits, ensuring the safety of the wire connection.The conductive part is made of purple copper material, which has excellent conductivity and maximizes the effect of the wire itself.

    Its delicate design allows it to be tightly docked with wires of different specifications. During the operation, it can easily fix the wires, making the connection stable and reliable. Even in complex usage environments and under frequent vibrations, it can maintain a good connection state and not loosen easily.

    In practical applications, the NyLon Butt Connector provides an efficient, convenient and safe solution for the connection of electrical wires. It simplifies the wiring process and improves work efficiency while ensuring the stable operation of the electrical system. For instance, in the automotive electrical system, the NyLon Butt Connector is used to connect various sensors and control wires; in the internal wiring of household appliances, it ensures the stable docking of electric wires; and in industrial automation equipment, it guarantees the stable and reliable transmission of signals and power supply.
    What's more, the NyLon Butt Connector has a protruding part in the middle, which ensures that the lengths of the wires docked at both ends are the same. This remarkable design feature brings many benefits. Firstly, it guarantees the symmetry and stability of the wire connection, enabling uniform force on both ends of the wires and avoiding connection instability or failures due to length differences. Secondly, this consistent length facilitates the even transmission of current or signals, reducing losses and interferences during the transmission process and enhancing the efficiency and quality of the transmission.
    In conclusion, the NyLon Butt Connector, with its reliable performance and unique design features, is an indispensable part in wire docking, making significant contributions to the smooth and safe operation of various electrical connections.

    Technical Parameters

    A.W.G mm2 L1 d1 D L
    BNYF0.5 26-22 0.2-0.5 10.5 1.3 2.8 20.5 10A Yellow DRAWING -BNYE2fv
     BNYF1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 15.0 1.7 3.8 24.7 19A Red
    BNYF2 16-14 1.5-2.5 15.0 2.3 4.7 24.7 27A Blue
    BNYF5.5 12-10 4.0-6.0 15.0 3.4 6.5 27.3 48A Yellow