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Easy Entry-PVC Insulated Fork Terminal

Easy Entry-PVC Insulated Fork Terminal

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Easy Entry-PVC Insulated Fork Terminal

Model: SVEE
Material: Copper
Insulation: PVC

    DESCRIPTION - Easy Entry-PVC Insulated Fork Terminal

    Our fork (U-type) wire terminals for wire connection is equipped with PVC insulation to protect the cable bundle.The connectors are made of high quality red copper whose surfaces are plated with tin, which ensures excellent electrical conductivity, safety, corrosion resistance, anti-aging. so that the connection is not overheated throughout the operation of the electrical system. 
    The crimp terminal adopts a thicken design, it is not easy to be broken while crimping , and the wires can be stabilized after the crimping is completed.
    Our insulated fork terminals come with three different sizes for three colors:
    Red:Wire range: 0.5~1.5mm², A.W.G.:22~16,Max.current = 19A
    Blue:Wire range: 1.5~2.5mm², A.W.G.:16~14,Max.current = 27A
    Yellow:Wire range: 4~6mm², A.W.G.:12~10,Max.current = 48A

    Product Features
    The biggest feature of Easy Entry-PVC Insulated Fork Terminal is easy-entry design: This is a new design of pvc wire terminals. We do research and process the metal entry part. 
    CHAMFER: the flat surface formed by cutting away the sharp edges of two meeting surfaces. The main function of design makes easier to insert strands , so that strands won’t bifurcate. That design improves the work efficiency greatly. 

    Insulated fork crimp terminals are ideal for automotive use. They are widely applied in electrical, industrial and household appliances.
    Whether you are working at home or on scientific projects, our electrically insulated pvc wire connectors will make your work easier.

    Quality Guarantee
    We have a strict quality controlling system to ensure goods we produced are always of the best quality. The company has passed I S O 9 0 0 1 system, CE certification , RoHS standards and SGS certification.  Our company is committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. We abide by the philosophy of " Superior quality, win customers” Our dedication to quality and integrity is unwavering, and we are here to provide you with the best service.

    Technical Parameters

    American Metric d2 B F L E D d1 T
    SVEE1.25-3 #4 3.2 5.7 6.5 22.0 10.7 5.8 4.2 0.7 Red PVC Insulated Fork Terminaltpg
    SVEE1.25-3.5S #6 3.7
    SVEE1.25-3.5L #6 3.7 6.4
    SVEE1.25-4S #8 4.3
    SVEE1.25-4M #8 4.3 7.2
    SVEE1.25-4L #8 4.3 8.1
    SVEE1.25-5S #10 5.3
    SVEE1.25-5L #10 5.3 9.5
    SVEE1.25-6S 1/4 6.5
    SVEE1.25-6L 1/4 6.5 12.0 11.0 28.0
    SVEE1.25-8 5/16 8.5 14.0 12.0 29.2
    SVEE2-3 #4 3.2 5.7 6.5 21.5 11.0 6.4 4.5 0.8 Blue
    SVEE2-3.5S #6 3.7
    SVEE2-3.5L #6 3.7 6.5 22.2
    SVEE2-4S #8 4.3
    SVEE2-4M #8 4.3 7.2
    SVEE2-4L #8 4.3 8.2
    SVEE2-5S #10 5.3
    SVEE2-5L #10 5.3 9.5
    SVEE2-6S 1/4 6.5
    SVEE2-6L 1/4 6.5 12.0 11.0 28.2
    SVEE2-8 5/16 8.5 14.0 12.5 29.5